Our Vision

To be a global Filipino mining company by attaining world-class capabilities and becoming a corporate model in the fulfillment of social responsibilities and optimizing shareholders returns.

MMC, shall turn this vision into reality through the efforts of highly motivated, committed and competent employees who:
  • In an utmost environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible manner, continually explore, develop and operate high quality mineral resource and ore reserves;
  • Apply the company strengths in exploration, mine development and environmentally sustainable extraction programs to achieve productivity growth in both basic and human resources.
  • Maintain outstanding safety records and ensure responsible environmental stewardship;
  • Foster mutually beneficial partnerships with host communities;
  • Practice initiative and decisiveness.
We in Manila Mining Corporation are determined to enhance shareholder's investment through the pursuit of excellence.

Our Mission

To create and ensure a golden future for every stokeholder in the company.

MMC realize three crucial elements for the company's profitability and longevity.
  • Exploration - will ensure the continuous and sustainable increase in the company's gold and copper inventory. Our objective is to find at least 200K oz of new gold/ gold oz equivalent every year and a new mine of at least a million ounces of new gold/ gold oz equivalent every five years.
  • Sustainability - improve the quality of life of our people and the host communities through education, health care, livelihood programs and the conservation and enhancement of our environment. Prior to our physical involvement in a host site, we will ensure a post exploration and mining work plan for the people and environment of the host sites.
  • Technology - is the bridge that will span the first two elements allowing us to appraise and access our raw materials and process our products in a most cost effective manner. This will be pursued through the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies that will not compromise the people and the environment.

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