Kalaya-An (Freedom) Project

Project Overview

MMC's most exciting project and the first objective of its exploration program is the Kalaya-an Project located on the island of Mindano, approximately 30 kilometers by road from Surigao City.

Kalaya-an is located in the area immediately north of and adjacent to the Anglo-Philex property (Boyongan Project), wherein a large, high-grade copper-gold porphyry deposit was discovered in 2001 (greater than 100 million tonnes of about 1.0 % Cu and 1.2 gmt gold). Anglo, in December 2001, encouraged by good drill results, agreed to purchase an additional 10% equity interest from Philex in the Boyongan Property for US $ 20 million.


Detailed data for Kalaya-an is limited to date. However the proximity of Boyongan provides a useful benchmark for the regional potential.

The main target zones in the Kalaya-an project area could not be drilled in 2002 due to a tenement conflict, which prevented access to the area. A favorable decision on the conflict by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in May 2002 paved the way for the issuance to the Company of an Exploration Permit (EP) on July 17th 2002.

MMC subsequently completed a drill hole which based on extensive fieldwork, tested for an interpreted porphyry copper-gold system. The drill results while not intersecting economic grade over mining widths did conclusively demonstrate that the drill test area is indeed at the edge of a large mineralized gold-copper porphyry system. Assay results are indeed exciting, in part having an 80-m stretch of epithermal gold mineralization with a grade of 0.56 g/t gold and a 162-m length of copper-gold porphyry style mineralization assaying 0.30 g/t gold and 0.16% copper. Additional drilling will be required in 2004 to determine the exact style and the type of mineralization system as well as the eventual size and grade of the deposit.

Anglo-Philex latest disclosures indicated that their Bayugo drill intercepts represent the SW most end of the Kalaya_an targets. Based on scale of the alteration and geophysical (airborne magnetic) anomaly, the Kalaya_an - Bayugo target can potentially be 4 to 5 times larger than the fully delineated Boyongan Deposit.

Regional Geology

Both Kalaya-an prospect and Boyongan deposits lie beneath 60 to 120 meters of post mineral cover consisting on the lower section of poorly consolidated inter-bedded conglomerates, wackes, and silty mudstones and predominated on the upper section by andesitic volcanics (lava) and porphyritic domes and dikes.

Based on the detailed logging of drill holes, pre-mineral rocks hosting the Kalaya-an project and the Boyongan deposit are as follows:

Figure 10: Giant Porphyry Deposits

Bacuag Volcanics (BV)

The Bacuag volcanics are basaltic to andesitic flows and pyroclastics intercalated with lenses of tuffaceous siltstones, carbonaceous mudstones and fossiliferous limestones. Exposed at drill hole MSD 02-1 from 117.50m-359.45m, the BV are sheared and intruded by diorite porphyry dikes. Pervasive propylitic alteration overprinted by selective phyllic alteration mask the original character of these basement rocks, leaving only remnant fine to porphyritic flow textures and fine to pebbly pyroclastic textures to identify them.

Figure 10: Giant Porphyry Deposits
Giant Porphyry Deposits (PDF: 33.6kb)

Diorite Porphyry (DP)
Kalaya-an Geology

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Diorite Porphyry (DP)
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